Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

TRC fully supports Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System norms. The rating system addresses five major areas: Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Materials & Resources and Indoor Environmental Quality. TRC helps in conserving the natural resource by going with innovative construction & design methodology like using of fly ash as a partial replacement for cement in all the projects, insisting on going with the PT structural systems for long span structures, thus reducing the concrete and steel quantities which intern helps in conserving the natural resources.

The LEED Rating System provides the building industry with consistent and credible standards to construct environment friendly buildings. LEED norms benefit a wide range or professionals in the building industry; architects, real estate professionals, facility managers, engineers, interior designers, landscape architects, construction managers, lenders and government officials. Most of the buildings designed by TRC are conferred with platinum LEED certification. Some of the buildings which have the platinum LEED certification are listed below.

Project Rating Level
BPO-1 Jaipur LEED Platinum
SDB-1 Trivandrum LEED Platinum
SDB-5 Mysore LEED Platinum
SDB-1 Hyderabad LEED Platinum
SDB-2 Trivandrum LEED Platinum
SDB-6 Mysore LEED Platinum
SDB-3 Mangalore LEED Platinum
BPO-2 Pune LEED Platinum
SDB-2 Hyderabad LEED Platinum
SDB-3 Hyderabad LEED Platinum
M&C Bangalore LEED Platinum
SDB-9 Chennai LEED Platinum
SDB-10 Pune LEED Platinum
Equinox Bangalore LEED Platinum
SDB-03 TVM LEED Platinum

Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment

TRC also fully endorsed Green rating for integrated habitat assessment building rating system norms, which is conceived by TERI and developed jointly by Ministry of New and Renewable energy, Government of India, based on nationally accepted energy and environmental principals. Similar to LEED, GRIHA too ensures that the building designs are done considering the environmental concerns and regional climatic conditions. TRC is proud to be associated with many of the GRIHA Five Star rated buildings.

Some of the buildings which have the five star GRIHA ratings are listed below.

Project Rating Level
SDB-7/8 Chennai GRIHA 5-star
SDB-1 Hyderabad GRIHA 5-star
SDB-4 Hyderabad GRIHA 5-star
SDB-5 Hyderabad GRIHA 5-star