TRC India has worked with Architects, Real Estate, Developers, Corporates, major contractors, steel fabricators, precast manufacturers, Concrete suppliers, and Waterproofing vendors to bring the best practices in construction industry and thus helping the client to get the best product. Service | Innovation | Quality are the three values, TRC’s promise to clients and all the stakeholders on the project.

Many important innovations at TRC have been triggered by client and contractor requirements. TRC design team is constantly in touch with construction work to make sure simplification is done in design and detailing to help construction work proceed with no delays and also to reduce construction time.

Chairman, Manipal Global Education“TRC is a creative structural engineering firm. They use latest design software to arrive at the most creative and efficient design solutions.”

T.V. Mohandas Pai

Advisor, Manipal Education & Medical Group.“I have worked with TRC on multiple projects and find them to be very professional and thorough on their service. Their designs are efficient and service to be excellent.”

Abhay Jain
Sobha Limited (Glazing Division)We are working very closely with TRC for the last 5 years. We found them very effective and efficient in the field of structural designing pertaining to Metal works. We found TRC to be a very cost effective solution providers with in the stipulated time frame.
Varghese. V, CEO
Precast India Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

It is my pleasure and honor to write about TRC Engineering on their Structural design and delivery achievements. I had been pleasantly surprised when I visited their Bangalore office and noted their quality of work and various state of art projects on the global map; and was quite impressed with the discipline and dedication of the TRC Structural engineers and design team under Mr Hareesh and Mr Arjun, who I respect highly as complete Professionals with considerable self-discipline, technical intelligence with a sound theoretical background and a fast solution provider, which is the most sought after quality from a Structural design office in practical terms. Their aptitude for knowledge and eagerness to adapt to new ideas and suggestions is obvious.

We have interacted with TRC for various conventional and precast projects for our Client Infosys at Pune, some of which projects have received awards at the National and International levels with full credits to inputs from TRC.

I wish them all the best and success in their future endeavors, and will positively team up with them for the future.

Ajit Bhate, Managing Director
GEOCON INTERNATIONAL PVT. LTDTRC engineering stands out in the field of structural engineering with their in-depth knowledge of engineering principals, dedication to client and project requirements, and their meticulous detailing.
Jaydeep Wagh, Director
UTRACON India Pvt Ltd

Utracon India has been associated with TRC Worldwide Engineering for the past 9 years and we would like to record the fact that, till date, the association has been most fruitful professionally and mutually beneficial.

In fact, as leaders of Post-tensioning Industry in India, we have professionally collaborated with TRC team for the structural design (ie, Post-tensioning design) towards construction of some very challenging and prestigious projects like – SDB6 (Wing-A) Phase II for M/s. Infosys Ltd at Hyderabad, Food Court – 02 For M/s. Infosys Ltd Trivandrum, Hostel block for Manipal University at Jaipur, Boys Hostel food court phase II and Service Corp facility block for Manipal University at Jaipur, Multi-level car parking for M/s. Infosys Ltd at Trivandrum and Mysore, Manipal County Hostel Block in Bangalore, for M/s. Shoba Developers, Office Building for NRN Holdings Pvt Ltd at Begur Hobli in Bangalore, etc. Actually we have executed atleast another 18 projects for M/s.Infosys Ltd, in collaboration with TRC.

Needless to say, TRC’s designs were absolutely to the international standards complying to the standard codes and had helped to create a new landmark / prestigious civil structures in the cities of India. we feel very proud to have associated in the Post tensioning detailing with TRC and handled the PT scope of such prestigious projects, in our country.

During this period of association, TRC’s team had displayed both, remarkable creativity in terms of providing value added designs that were economical and thorough professionalism by ensuring timely completion of their deliverables, which were of the highest quality.

Our overall experience with TRC’s talented team till date has been absolutely pleasurable, because of their amazing creativity combined with thorough professionalism.

As an Organization specializing in latest Structural Engineering Technology, we would surely look for ward to continue professionally associated with TRC Worldwide Engineering, in the years to come, for the sheer professional satisfaction and pleasure of executing their brilliant designs, in construction of such prestigious projects with greatest degree of satisfaction.

We wish them all the very best .

M.Kamalakannan, Managing Director
BBR(India) Pvt. LtdWe are glad to state that M/s. TRC Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd has provided us excellent professional support conforming to the best in industry standards & services during the design & execution stages of the projects. M/s. TRC Engineering has followed excellent quality standards in their design inputs & demonstrated high level of technical skills at all stages of the projects. They also provided us with very good technical support & coordination during the project implementation at site level. We would like extend our sincere gratitude and compliment to M/s. TRC Engineering (I) Pvt. Ltd. for their excellent support & services provided to us for the completed & ongoing projects.
Pushpakaran Pillai