structuralTRC engineering has built an excellent reputation by designing complex and technically challenging projects for the past 25 years. Its wide portfolio spans across almost all segments of the building construction such as: Healthcare, Office, Hospitality, Parking, Commercial/Retail buildings, Residential, Educational and Auditorium structures. Based on the usage, economy and speed of construction, TRC has designed Reinforced Concrete structures, Post-Tensioned structures and Steel Structures.

Some of the buildings such as office space, parking structures and Auditoriums require larger column spacing to maximize the space utilization. For such buildings, TRC has effectively used Post-Tension (PT) structures. Unlike many consultants, TRC has in-house Post-Tension design team which uses advanced software such as ADAPT and ADAPT Builder for PT designs. TRC has completed many PT Flat Slab, PT Flat Plate, and PT beam/slab structures all across the world. TRC is the first consultant to use stud-rail system for PT Flat Plate in India. This has simplified shear reinforcing in Flat plate structures. We have also effectively used radiant pipes within PT Flat Plate for cooling. Almost all office buildings and parking structures for Infosys client has been built with PT system resulting in savings in steel and concrete.

TRC has worked on many high rise structures in US, Malaysia and in India. We use ETABS and RAM Steel to model concrete and steel structure respectively. Mat and Raft foundations are analyzed and designed using SAFE software.

Where faster construction is required based on client needs, TRC has done many Steel buildings in USA, Malaysia and in India. We have successfully completed a steel office building in Bangalore consisting of 3 levels basement parking and 10 levels of office structure for NetApp. We have also done a steel parking garage in Cochin for LULU. At TRC, we work closely with Geotechnical consultants, Concrete suppliers and Waterproofing consultants to get best recommendations for the project. Many times Geotechnical recommendations have been debated and discussed with soil experts to get higher bearing pressure thus resulting in economy in foundations. We also review concrete mix designs and try to arrive at optimum cement content to achieve less usage of cement for a specified concrete grade. TRC design professionals stay in constant touch with site team to make sure works are performed as per issued final drawings.


  • Structural design consultancy for new buildings
  • Building component design / analysis
  • Investigation and analysis of damaged structures
  • Load capacity analysis
  • Structural design peer review
  • Renovation / adaptive reuse of existing structures
  • Site observation and special inspection during construction phase
  • Construction management & support services
  • Structural engineer for Renovation/Restorations